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What is obesity?

In wild and primitive environments the only obese was, The Boss. I was already subject to the conditions that centuries later will affect us all. Work pressure, fears, sedentary lifestyle. The Chief does not hunt his food. Others do it for him and ... he ends up getting fat, getting sick and dying early.


King Henry VIII died at age 55 with about 200 kilos of weight. He suffered from varicose veins, varicose ulcer, personality changes moving to mental deterioration and depression. Today, "we are all kings" and suffer the consequences. Obesity has been "democratized" and its Complications, too.

That is why until a few years ago Obesity was a sign of Power and Abundance. In more than one country "good nutrition" was recognized by rewarding plump children, obese children. Now, this danger is recognized.

Aunque existen países con serios problemas de desnutrición, la Obesidad es un Problema de Salud Pública, una Epidemia Mundial que conlleva a complicaciones costosas como Diabetes, AccidenteCerebroVascular (ACV) e  Infarto de Miocardio (IAM).Si agrupáramos en un solo lugar a Obesos y Sobrepesados tendríamos a un País con más habitantes que China o la India. Obesilandia contaría con más de 1.9 billones de habitantes adultos, sin contar a los niños obesos.

Why does Obesity make us so sick? Because the human body is NOT made for Obesity. It is like a house designed to have only 2 floors and serve 10 people but suddenly we add 5 five more floors and we put 50 people. By aging that construction will weaken because they are over-demanded.

As soon as a tremor or flood occurs (Infections, traumas) it will surely collapse. In addition the services will be insufficient. Water, gas, everything will be insufficient because it was calculated for 10 and not 50 people. In the same way the body depending on our height is designed for a limited number of kilos and when we exceed it we risk having problems. Once obese it is only a matter of time.

Why does Obesity "call" Diabetes? Because Insulin is designed to serve a limited number of kilos and when there is excess, it becomes insufficient. When that happens, fat and sugar are no longer controlled and rise. Glucose levels exceed the upper limits and Diabetes appears

Why does Obesity "call" ACV and / or IAM? Because as the fats rise, they are deposited along the arteries of the heart, brain and body in the same way that a cargo truck drops boxes along its path.

The brain and the heart always work so we will notice the obstructions there causing the LCA and / or the AMI. In addition, there is the impression that the heart has a finite number of beats such as those bulbs that say 1,000 hours and when exceeding them it is likely that the light bulb will not work anymore. The same, the heart.

Longer species (blue whale) have very slow beats and take longer to reach that maximum limit. Ephemeral species that live only days (fly) beat very quickly and reach "1,000hrs" quickly

When fattening there are changes. The arteries become clogged and the heart beats stronger and faster, hypertrophy. Also the body is larger and demands its blood supply so the heart works forcefully. And whatever the event the result is the same: the obese person lives less and with less quality of life than if his body were within the original specifications.

Como saber si tengo sobrepeso. Empleando el IMC. Cuando el Indice de Masa Corporal (su peso en kilos dividido entre el cuadrado de su talla) Un valor >25 es de sobrepeso y si excede >30 hay Obesidad

How to know if my cardiovascular risk is increased? Measuring the diameter of the waist. If you are a woman and exceed> 90cm or if you are a man and measure more than> 102cms. But there is a more precise marker: abdominal ultrasound. If you reveal fat in the liver (Visceral obesity) your cardiovascular risk is clear and should be corrected.

Sumo wrestlers are obese but because of their intense training they DO NOT have visceral fat and their cardiovascular risk is not increased. There are also thin people with liver fat. Your cardiovascular risk is very clear and must be corrected.

The female body better tolerates overweight. In an old age you can see old women "chubby" but you will not see men. The male body is less tolerant of Obesity

“Madness is do the same again and again waiting to get different results" Einstein (?) 

Dr. W. Colina Pineda

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