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What is the diabetes?

It is the loss of the automatic that controls our fats and sugars (glucose)

In our body everything is "automatic" Infinity of processes happen without our will and thanks to that we can dedicate our time to other activities. The body watches over itself. One of these automatic regulates the circulating and stored levels of fat and glucose.


When you live with eternal trouble and anxiety (stress) we inadvertently force this automatic that ends up being damaged. And if we have relatives with Diabetes, this failure is even more likely to occur.

The first to fail is fat control. The person begins to notice that their laboratory reports high or high limit fats, sometimes without even consuming fat. For this reason, myocardial infarction or transient cerebral vascular accident or not, may precede the diagnosis of diabetes. .

The second to fail, years later, is glucose control and that is when Diabetes is diagnosed. Often by that time many people already have chronic damage from inadvertent diabetes. There are those who thanks to a stressful episode are diagnosed, early.

Diabetes is silent and you have to go looking for it. If you have a Family History of Diabetes and you are detected with Hypertension, or have tooth loosening or red gums or high fat… .Discard Diabetes. The correct way is to perform an Oral Glucose Tolerance Curve (CTOG). A solution with 75 grams of glucose is ingested and samples are taken at 0, 30, 60 and 120 minutes. Any abnormal tendency is interpreted by your Endocrinologist and you can prevent the progression to Diabetes or control it.

If you have Diabetes and in your Family there are mothers with babies of 4 or more kilos, or there are obese or hypertensive or with high fats or the bites leave a darkened skin trace ... check Diabetes with a CTOG. Diagnose early and save complications among family members.

The easiest way to acquire Diabetes is to live in a hurry, anxious, pressured and gain weight. Among obese people, Diabetes is much more frequent even when it is a child. China, country of thin people and bicycle users has experienced extraordinary changes in its economy and industrialization. One of the consequences is that of Obese Children, Children with Diabetes. Today is the country with more obese children with diabetes.

Reduce the sugar intake. Both those who enter orally by mouth but also those who enter mentally with concerns. They have a greater potential to raise blood sugar in an impressive way. Doing a physical activity that is enjoyable and recreational is very useful as well as living and eating more naturally, more similar to that of our grandparents.

The Ehbers Egyptian Papyri (1,500 years BC) describes the symptoms of what Areteo de Cappadocia (II century after Christ) would call Diabetes (Siphon) mellitus (sweet) by observing that patients drank and urinated sweetly, continuously as a siphon. But it was never an epidemic.

Sólo recientemente, con los cambios de estilo de vida asociados a nuevas tecnologías la Diabetes se convierte en Epidemia que genera grandes desembolsos y la califican como Patología de Alto Costo capaz de desangrar las Arcas ¨Públicas y Privadas

Early Detection and Timely Education are the tools that stop this Epidemic, developing a Consciousness of Existing. That is, accepting technological changes but detecting and avoiding the damaging edges that all development brings because there is no good that its evil does not bring.

Diabetes is actually an Ignorance Epidemic. An expensive problem 100% avoidable, solvable. Experience shows that nothing is more expensive than ignorance.

Hay muchísima investigación en esta área y mas de un Premio Nobel se ha generado en el campo de la Diabetes pero ese saber aún no trasciende de manera utilitaria a la Persona con Diabetes y notamos que tanto en países de primer mundo como en los demás, las Metas de Control Metabólico sólo la alcanzan un porcentaje menor de los afectados. La mayoría sigue el camino del deterioro y suelen vivir menos años y con menos calidad de vida.

Medical tools to achieve good metabolic controls exist years ago. But Diabetes by its nature (glycemia can vary every minute) requires the active participation of the Patient with frequent adjustments that only the educated and educated Person can achieve.

 “Madness is do the same again and again waiting to get different result”.

Dr. W. Colina Pineda

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