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What is the thyroid?

It is the factory of thyroid hormones. It is located in the lower and anterior part of the neck and looks like a butterfly with open wings. The size of each wing is similar to your thumb, to your distal phalanx.

When we live inside our Mom:  Thyroid is determinant in the first three months of fetal life. Baby does NOT have thyroid yet and is totally dependent on your mother's thyroid. 

If Baby does not receive enough Thyroid in those first 3-4 months, its growth stops and dies (abortion). Either because Mom does not produce it in sufficient quantity (maternal hypothyroidism) or because she inadvertently consumes it (Stress) and there is not enough left or little left for the Baby. As long as this is not corrected it is very likely to have frequent and early fetal losses.

When we are born: Baby is totally dependent on your Thyroid and if you do not produce enough, you will have Permanent Mental Retardation. This happens because humans after being born need 2 more years to mature our Central Nervous System. Unlike other mammals that walk and run within a few hours of being born, the Human Being has an immature Nervous System and at that time he cannot even lift his head.

The Thyroid is like a Credit Card with which Baby buys the computer he will need. But if the Card has little money, that Baby will buy the minimum basic equipment which will only allow him to walk, talk, work and even reproduce but will not reach full potential because his equipment, his hardware is basic and minimal. (Congenital hypothyroidism)

When we are adults:  The Thyroid fulfills a wide array of functions. It intervenes to maintain temperature, energy, mood, muscle tone and ... many more things. It looks like that little screw that used to bring cars from before and that turning it to the right ... accelerated the engine or to the left, slowed it down. It was the Screw of the Minimum. Something similar happens with the Thyroid.

If the minimum is too low, the engine when braking is turned off. The person feels tired quickly and becomes depressed even for no reason. (Hypo-Thyroidism) He is bothered by many things that end up freaking out his surroundings and the same person who may think that his problem is Psychiatric. But, it is Thyroid.

If the minimum is very accelerated, the engine overheats and spends more gasoline. The person becomes thin for no reason, feels palpitations, lives fast or as nervous, shaky. (HyperTyroidism) You may complain of insomnia and other things. But, it is Thyroid.

On other, less frequent occasions, the Thyroid is accelerated and several months later it spontaneously normalizes or slows down. (Recurrent Thyroiditis) If the patient consults, he may feel confused because he will hear different diagnoses. You will be informed that you have Hyperfunction. But then, others will tell you that you have the opposite, Hipofuncion. And a third party could tell you that "you have nothing." And everyone, at the time, would be right.

An impaired thyroid can reduce female fertility and make conception difficult. It can also cause body aches that are diagnosed as generalized myalgia or discharge from the nipple with or without breast augmentation. Causes hair loss or brittle nails. And a whole range of symptoms that simulate other health problems and is ... Thyroid. It is endocrinopathy that affects more areas in the Person: physical and emotional.

In men, being silent (maybe some fatigue or sexual apathy) over the years can cause growth of the pituitary gland, press on the Optic Nerves and cause irreversible progressive peripheral blindness until it becomes total. If you are a man, you have a Family Thyroid History and notice some persistent fatigue and / or apathy ... check thyroid. It is a good forecast.

In more than 40 years of Medical Exercise the only blind people I attended were not People with Diabetes badly treated (thanks to GOD) but these infrequent, silent and irreversible cases that treated in time are totally avoidable. Consult you and get advice in advance.

Sometimes a change of perspective is all that is needed to see the light. Dan brown

Dr. W.ColinaPineda

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