Why has the thyroid become so frequent?

Si nuestro cuerpo es el mismo desde hace miles de años (hay momias de 3.000-9.000a) porqué ahora los problemas de Tiroides son mucho más frecuentes.  Que ha cambiado?

The natural environment has been replaced by an artificial one, created by man. For example: electricity turned night into day and almost inadvertently altered our schedules of sleep, food, work ... Our body is intimately intertwined with nature and we have moved it away from it.  

We have cycles that depend on sunlight and these advances expose our body to changes that have a negative impact. Without noticing, we have moved away from the natural protective environment and have modified our lifestyle by exposing ourselves. Today, depression, manifestations of different identity and sleep disorders abound. Today it is more complicated to achieve self-management and livelihoods. The solution is comprehensive and interests everyone.

La tiroides es una glándula reguladora que responde a las necesidades que esa persona se plantea. Cuando estamos estresados (cuando percibimos una amenaza) el cuerpo se prepara para huir o para enfrentar exitosamente a esa amenaza. La Tiroides interviene directamente en esto.

With stress, Adrenaline (glycosy increases), NorAdrenaline (glucose increases), Cortisol (increases glycemia), Thyroid Hormones (increases metabolism) and, late, Growth Hormone. Because stressing all this happens?

Porque nuestro cuerpo se energiza por un mecanismo de Combustion Interna, como los autos F1. Quemamos glucosa (gasolina) en un ambiente de Oxigeno. Así como un auto de carreras se prepara para el arranque violento de la carrera acelerando el motor repetidamente para aumentar el aporte de gasolina y oxígeno, así el cuerpo se prepara en silencio para la violencia que encierra vivir un estrés.

The signal can come from outside and it reaches us through the 5 senses. We see, hear, smell, feel or taste something that stresses us. And instantly, automatically, all these immense and demanding body changes begin.

The greatest source of threat does not come from outside but from within us: Thought. A single that we detect as a threat is enough to violently release this chain reaction. Once started it cannot stop.

In the past, exposure to stress was limited. But today, the exposure is constant, frequent and ends up wearing out, getting sick. What are we going to get sick from? Of the weakest system or apparatus. Usually it will be the frequent pathology in my Family but as in all these situations the Thyroid is required, it often fails.

The greatest bodily wear comes from thoughts and the greatest wealth, too. Cultivating Inner Peace is very useful. Before, it was not necessary now. With Peace and Pleasant Exercise your risk will be reduced. Your body will die but healthy and long-lived. If you have doubts, consult you.


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